Brian Griffin. With an introduction by Francois Hebel.

London. Privately Published. July 1987. First edition. Leather wrappers. 64 pages. 27 b&w photographic plates. 150 x 110mm (6 x 4"). 0.1kg. . English, with French translation. Fine.

The scarce self-published book Portraits by English photographer Brian Griffin. The book accompanied an exhibition of Griffin's portraits selected from 1974 to 1986 held at Les Recontres d'Arles, France. The sitters include Manolo Blahnik, Nick Turner, Siouxsie, Al Alvarez, Donald Sutherland, Douglas Adams, Captain Mark Phillips and Jim Diamond.
'HIS SUBJECTS DO NOT SMILE. In fact they're not even alive. But summed up. Like symbols of themselves. The things that go with them, a screw, a sheet of paper, a tool, an attache-case, are as eloquent as their arrested movements.
HIS CHARACTERS ARE OFTEN FAMOUS, but it is something else that Brian is after. Power places those who have it on a pedestal. Brian sees them as statues. Then they come over into his world, which explains the liberty he takes in telling his wonderful dreams through these portraits.' (from the introduction).