Vintage Luggage

Vintage Luggage
Vintage LuggageVintage LuggageVintage Luggage
Vintage LuggageVintage Luggage

Helenka Gulshan.

London. Philip Wilson Publishers. 1998. First edition. Cloth-bound hardback, dust jacket. 144 pages. 46 colour and 71 monochrome illustrations. 280 x 220mm (11 x 8"). 1kg. 0856674982. English. Fine; an excellent copy.

The scarce essential reference book on vintage luggage.
"This book is the first highly illustrated history of vintage luggage from the 19th to the mid 20th century. It covers the developments in the shape and manufacture of luggage and its increasing portability in response to advances in travel and the needs of an ever-more mobile population.
All types and styles of luggage, and the varied materials used in its manufacture, are described and illustrated in colour photographs, line drawings and reproductions from original manufacturers' catalogues. While many rare and exotic pieces are included, the main focus is on luggage that is available to the collector today. The author uses her far-reaching experience in the field to give clear guidance on what to look for and how to date, identify and assess individual items of lugage.
The book concludes with an extensive directory of makers and retailers, from the best known to the most obscure, providing an essential reference for collectors and admirers of vintage luggage" (from the blurb).