Writings on Cy Twombly

Writings on Cy Twombly
Writings on Cy TwomblyWritings on Cy TwomblyWritings on Cy Twombly

Edited by Nicola Del Roscio.

Munich. Schirmer/Mosel. 2002. First edition. Yellow cloth-bound hardback, dust jacket. 319 pages. 28 colour plates. 350 x 260mm (13 x 10"). 3.1kg. 3888149541. English. Fine, in fine dust jacket.

A collection of 43 contemporary commentaries on Cy Twombly, in the form of poems, reviews, letters, essays and art historical discussions. It begins with a poem by Charles Olson written at the time of Twombly's first solo show and continues with writings up until 2001. Contributors include Roland Barthes, Arthur C. Danto, Robert Motehrwell, Octavio Paz, David Sylvester, Susan Larsen and Katharina Schmidt.