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Cecil Beaton's New York

A first edition of Beaton's witty and glamourous snapshot of Manhattan in the 1930s.

Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook

The much sought-after second book by Beaton, with the scarce dust jacket.

Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook

The much sought-after second book by Beaton.

Chinese Album

Cecil Beaton's photographs from his tour of China during the Second World War.

Far East

Beaton's account of his war-time experiences in India and China.


Beaton's photographic and literary tribute to Japan.

Portrait of New York

Cecil Beaton's guide to post-War New York City.

The Book of Beauty

Cecil Beaton's scarce first book.

The Face of the World. An International Scrapbook of People and Places

The people, places and pleasures of Beaton's post war life.

The Glass of Fashion

Beaton's lively account of the designers and tastemakers of early 20th century fashion.

Fellini's Films

A sumptuous compendium of film stills from all of Federico Fellini's films up to 1977.

The Marchesa Casati. Portraits of a Muse

A visual biography of the Marchesa Casati and an illustrated study of the art she inspired.

A Tint Book of Historical Colours suitable for decorative work. Library Edition

A beautifully produced swatch book of 136 historical colours from the Parsons paint company.

The World of Madeleine Castaing

The key monograph on the life and work of the French antiquaire and decorator Madeleine Castaing.

Kate Moss from the Collection of Gert Elfering

Images of one of the most iconic models of our times.

The Gentlemen's Clubs of London

An evocative book examining and celebrating the Gentlemen's Clubs of London, their buildings and their traditions.

David Hicks. A Life of Design

A definitive book on the life and work of designer David Hicks.

Jean Cocteau. Poteries. Catalogue des Ceramiques 1957-1963
Jean Cocteau. Poteries. Catalogue des Ceramiques 1957-1963

The catalogue raisonne of Jean Cocteau's ceramics

Surreal Friends. Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna

The story and art of three Surrealist exiles in Mexico during the 1940s.

La Creation en Liberte. Univers de Paul et Denise Poiret 1905-1928

The catalogue for the important sale of the wardrobe of Denise Poiret, muse and wife of the fashion designer.

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