Kim Lim

Kim Lim (1936-1997) was a Singapore-born British artist with Chinese heritage. She worked predominantly in sculpture and print-making. Lim was interested in the interplay of space and light and form, and used natural materials such as stone, wood and marble to explore these dimensions. Catalogues exist of solo exhibitions held during Lim's lifetime and, in recent years, her work is being rediscovered through exhibitions and books. 

Below are the books by and about Kim Lim which we currently carry. If there is a specific title that you would like to find please get in touch.

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Kim Lim

An exhibition catalogue and the first monograph on the sculptor Kim Lim.

Kim Lim. Space, Rhythm & Light

An importatant exhibition catalogue from The Hepworth Wakefield.

Kim Lim

An exhibition catalogue of Lim's marble sculptures from the late 1980s.

Kim Lim Sculpture

A 1982 gallery catalogue of stone sculptures by Kim Lim.

The Artist Speaks. Kim Lim

An exploration of the sculptor Kim Lim through her own words and images.

Kim Lim

The catalogue for an exhibition of the sculpture and prints of Kim Lim.