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James Wedge Book

James Wedges' self-published experimental photo book from 1972.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes; The Light of Common Day; Trumpets from the Steep [Complete Set]

A complete three-volume set of the memoirs of Lady Diana Cooper.

Miyako Ishiuchi. Mother's [Signed]

Photographer Miyako Ishiuchi's meditation on her grief for her departed mother.

The Voyage of the Virgin Maria Candelaria [INSCRIBED]

A photographic record of the women encountered by Deborah Turbeveille on a tour of Guatemala.

So Far So Glad [INSCRIBED]

Inscribed by Edward James to Penelope Betjeman.

Parce Que [SIGNED]

A signed copy of Sophie Calle's explorative artist's book.

Richard Avedon. In The American West. 1979-1984 [INSCRIBED]

An inscribed copy of Avedon's influential American photo book.

Irving Penn. A Career in Photography [INSCRIBED]

A retrospective of Penn's work, inscribed by the photographer to American socialite Marguerite Littman.

Edmund de Waal. During the Night [SIGNED]

A signed catalogue for an exhibition of curiosities and treasures curated by Edmund de Waal at the Kunsthistoriches Musem in Vienna.

Original Design for Three Pierrot Costumes by Berkeley Sutcliffe
Original Design for Three Pierrot Costumes by Berkeley Sutcliffe

A carnivalesque Mardi Gras design for the musical 'Judy in Love'.

Brian Griffin Copyright 1978 [SIGNED]

Brian Griffin's first photo book, signed by the photographer.

Sarah Moon. From One Season To Another [SIGNED]

A selection of Sarah Moon's colour photographs, signed by Moon.


The life of Noel Coward, told through words and pictures.


An inscribed copy of Lawrence Jones' collection of verse and prose, with illustrations by John Banting.

Malice in Wonderland. My Adventures in the World of Cecil Beaton [SIGNED]

Hugo Vickers' account of the journeys he made and the people he met whilst writing the authorised biography of Cecil Beaton.

Ravilious Engravings [SIGNED]

The private press catalogue of the wood engravings of Eric Ravilious.