Artists' Books

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James Wedge Book

James Wedges' self-published experimental photo book from 1972.

An Atlas of Es Devlin

A remarkable sculptural art book documenting the work of Es Devlin.

Andy Warhol

An important Pop Art catalogue-cum-photobook.

Parce Que [SIGNED]

A signed copy of Sophie Calle's explorative artist's book.

The Vein in the Marble

Poems and morality tales for modern life - a scarce early work by Stephen Tennant and his mother.

Analphabet (1947)

Man Ray's drawings of the letters A-Z, published here for the first time.

A Blue Book of Conversation

An important example of English Surrealist book production by John Banting.

The Snail That Climbed The Eiffel Tower and Other Stories

A first edition of the 1947 children's book of stories with illustrations by John Minton.

Louise Bourgeois. Album

Louise Bourgeois' creation of a "family photo album", examining the influence of her childhood on her work.