Cecil Beaton

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It Gives Me Great Pleasure

Cecil Beaton's amusing account of his lecture tour across North America.

The Face of the World. An International Scrapbook of People and Places

The people, places and pleasures of Beaton's post war life.

Sadler's Wells Ballet. First American Appearance 1949

Souvenir programme for the Sadler's Wells Ballet, with a cover design by Cecil Beaton.

Cecil Beaton. The Authorised Biography

The official biography of Beaton by Hugo Vickers.


Beaton's photographic and literary tribute to Japan.

The Book of Beauty

The Duke of Westminster's copy of Cecil Beaton's scarce first book.


Beaton's very personal account of his love affair with ballet.

An Indian Album

Cecil Beaton's photographs of war-time India, with the well-preserved dust jacket.

The Contents of Wilsford Manor, Wiltshire

The auction catalogue for the contents of Stephen Tennant's Wilsford Manor home.

The Glass of Fashion

Beaton's lively account of the designers and tastemakers of early 20th century fashion.

A Spode Plate designed by Cecil Beaton

Tableware designed by Beaton for the 'cause of peace'.

Cecil Beaton. The Art of the Scrapbook
Cecil Beaton. The Art of the Scrapbook

A compendium of pages from Cecil Beaton's scrapbooks

Persona Grata

Cecil Beaton's amusing alphabetical anthology of 100 living people.

Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook

The much sought-after second book by Beaton.

Chinese Album

Cecil Beaton's images of China taken during the Second World War.

Portrait of New York

Cecil Beaton's guide to post-War New York City.


Cecil Beaton's witty account of the first 25 years of his career, filled with anecdotes and photos.

Ashcombe. The Story of a Fifteen-Year Lease

A first edition of Beaton's record of his famous Wiltshire country house.

Cecil Beaton's New York

A first edition of Beaton's witty and glamourous snapshot of Manhattan in the 1930s.

A Life in Fashion. The Wardrobe of Cecil Beaton

An illustrated study of the personal sartorial style of Cecil Beaton.

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