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A Guide to the Duchy of Epicurania with some Account of the Famous Expedition In Pursuit of Rare Meats

A fanciful written description to accompany Rex Whistler's mural sequence at the Tate Gallery Restaurant.

Ashcombe. The Story of a Fifteen-Year Lease

A first edition of Beaton's record of his famous Wiltshire country house.

Ex Libris Bookplate designed by Rex Whistler for Adelaide Livingstone

Rex Whistler's bookplate design for the British-American human rights activist.

Ex Libris Bookplate designed by Rex Whistler for Duff and Diana Cooper

Rex Whistler's bookplate design for his friends and patrons, the Duff Coopers.

Little Innocents. Childhood Reminiscences

Youthful recollections from Betjeman, Waugh, Macaulay, Sackville-West, etc. With a jacket design by Rex Whistler.


Edith Olivier's first book and Rex Whistler's second.

Rex Whistler. The Artist and His Patrons

An examination of the artistic and social dialogue between Whistler and his patrons.

Rex Whistler. The Triumph of Fancy
Rex Whistler. The Triumph of Fancy

The catalogue for an exhibition of Whistler's work in Brighton in 2006.

Songs of our Grand Fathers Re-set in Guinness Time

Guinness drinking songs, with comic illustrations by Rex Whistler.

The Financial News. Prospect of the City of London

Rex Whistler's map of the streets and markets of the City of London.

The Laughter and the Urn. The Life of Rex Whistler

Laurence Whistler's richly-researched account of the life of his brother Rex.

The Lord Fish

A collection of children's stories by Walter de la Mare, illustrated by Rex Whistler.

The Masque. A Theatre Notebook. [A complete run of 9 Numbers]

A complete run of the post-war theatre magazine, with three issues devoted to Rex Whistler.

The Next Volume

A first edition of Edward James' privately-published collection of poems, illustrated by Whistler.

The Traveller's Companion: A Travel Anthology

A compendium of musings and advice on the art of travel in the 1930s, with illustrations by Rex Whistler.

The Work of Rex Whistler

The important catalogue of Rex Whistler's work produced by his brother Laurence.

Crafting the Ballets Russes. Music, Dance, Design. The Robert Owen Lehman Collection

A look at the Ballets Russes through music manuscripts and original stage designs.

Glyndebourne. A Visual History

An illustrated journey through the history of Glyndebourne.

Illustrated Manuscript Postcard from the artist Max Schwimmer

Original drawings by the German painter.

Marisol. A Retrospective

A comprehensive examination of the life and art of Marisol.

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