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Asprey and Co. Ltd. [Trade Catalogue]

The sought-after Art Deco trade catalogue produced by the luxury goods firm Asprey & Co. in the 1930s.

Erwin Olaf II

Aperture's second volume on the atmospheric work of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

Bring on the Girls! The Improbable Story of Our Life in Musical Comedy, with Pictures to Prove It

Wodehouse and Bolton's irreverent account of their collaborative involvement in Broadway musicals.

John Piper. A Painter's Camera. Buildings and Landscapes in Britain 1935-1985

A selection of John Piper's photographs.

John Piper. Paintings, Drawings & Theatre Designs, 1932-1954

A fine early book on the work of John Piper, with original aquatint and lithographs.

John Piper. The Forties

An examination of John Piper's war and post-war art work.

John Piper and Stained Glass

A comprehensive study of John Piper's designs for stained glass.

John Piper on his Eightieth Birthday

A collection of celebratory letters and reminiscences addressed to John Piper.

Givenchy. 40 Years of Creation

A richly illustrated overview of Givenchy's fashion career.

No Voice from the Hall. Early Memories of a Country House Snooper & Echoing Voices. More Memories of a Country House Snooper

Architectural historian John Harris's memoirs, capturing the romatic-tragic world of England's lost houses.

A Maverick Eye. The Street Photography of John Deakin

A study of John Deakin's street photography.

Alexis. The Memoirs of the Baron de Rede

The memoirs of the stylish society figure, the Baron de Rede.

Lucian Freud: Catalogue Raisonne of the Prints

The definitive catalogue raisonne of Lucian Freud's prints.

Vogue Paris. Juillet 1930

The Summer issue of French 'Vogue', with a cover design by Eduardo Benito and the famous swimsuit series by Hoyningen-Huene.

Vogue Paris. Mars 1927

A 1927 issue of French 'Vogue', with a cover design by Georges Lepape.

Dance till the Stars Come Down. A Biography of John Minton

Frances Spalding's definitive biography of the English Neo-Romantic painter John Minton.

Cowboy Kate & Other Stories

Sam Haskin's cult sixties photo book.

Brassai. The Secret Paris of the 30's

Brassai's photographs of the underworld of Paris night-life.


The life of Noel Coward, told through words and pictures.

The Purpose of Painting

A 1936 essay on understanding modern painting.

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