Creative Lives


Every age has it’s celebrities; personalities that inspire, create and capture the imagination. Memoirs, diaries, biographies and autobiographies are the written record of these personalities, preserving their lives on paper.

Creative Lives is a short list of books on the lives of twenty artists, writers and muses of the twentieth century. The list includes Cecil Beaton, The Marchesa Casati, Nancy Mitford, Patrick Leigh Fermor, and Coco Chanel. As always, there are some old favourites and some new discoveries.


Creative Lives

8 Items
A Time of Gifts; Between the Woods and the Water; The Broken Road

The complete trilogy of books recounting Patrick Leigh Fermor's journey on foot across Europe.

Alexis. The Memoirs of the Baron de Rede

The memoirs of the stylish society figure, the Baron de Rede.

Brian Howard. Portrait of a Failure

'Mad, bad and dangerous to know' - a biography of Brian Howard.

Oliver Messel. A Biography

An illustrated biography of Messel's life, work, theatre designs and interiors.

Serious Pleasures. The Life of Stephen Tennant

Philip Hoare's definitive biography of Stephen Tennant.

The Laughter and the Urn. The Life of Rex Whistler

Laurence Whistler's richly-researched account of the life of his brother Rex.

The Marchesa Casati. Portraits of a Muse

A visual biography of the Marchesa Casati and an illustrated study of the art she inspired.