John Piper


John Piper was an exceptional artist, producing work in a variety of media, including paintings, prints, book illustrations, photographs, stained glass, graphics, tapestries, stage designs and magazines. He and his wife Myfanwy stood at the centre of British cultural life during the mid-twentieth century.

John Piper is a short list of 16 books on the life and work of the artist. The books cover all aspects of Piper’s output and together trace his entire career. As always, there are some old favourites and some new discoveries.


John Piper

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John Piper

The catalogue for a retrospective exhibition of John Piper's work at the Tate Gallery.

John Piper and Stained Glass

A comprehensive study of John Piper's designs for stained glass.

John Piper on his Eightieth Birthday

A collection of celebratory letters and reminiscences addressed to John Piper.

John Piper. A Painter's Camera. Buildings and Landscapes in Britain 1935-1985

A selection of John Piper's photographs.

John Piper. Paintings, Drawings & Theatre Designs, 1932-1954

A fine early book on the work of John Piper, with original aquatint and lithographs.

John Piper. The Forties

An examination of John Piper's war and post-war art work.