Women Artists & Writers


Imagine a dinner party. Round the table are Louise Bourgeois, Lee Miller, Elsa Schiaparelli, Nancy and Decca Mitford, Diana Cooper, Joan Mitchell, Kiki de Montparnasse and Gwen John. What a feast it would be.

Now imagine a bookshelf crowded with books on these women artists and writers. It would be a shelf filled with ideas, spirit, creativity and beauty.

With this rather romantic notion in mind, we have created a short catalogue of twenty books by or on women artists and writers of the twentieth century. There are some old favourites and some new discoveries.


Women Artists and Writers

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Kim Lim

The catalogue for an exhibition of the sculpture and prints of Kim Lim.

Louise Bourgeois. Album

Louise Bourgeois' creation of a "family photo album", examining the influence of her childhood on her work.

Shocking Life

A first edition of Schiaparelli's autobiography with the shocking pink dust jacket.

The Blessing

Nancy Mitford's semi-autobiographical novel about a Anglo-French marriage, with a dust jacket by Beaton.

The Lives of Lee Miller

First edition of Antony Penrose's survey of the life and art of the photographer Lee Miller.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes; The Light of Common Day; Trumpets from the Steep [Complete Set]

A complete three-volume set of the memoirs of Lady Diana Cooper.

Wrens in Camera

Lee Miller's war-time photographs of Wrens.