Post Office Greetings Telegram. Designed by Rex Whistler


Rex Whistler.

The General Post Office. 21 November 1936. A folded telegram with handwritten ink message. Printed colour design by Rex Whistler with gilt borders. English 168 x 168mm. kg. . Very good; faint crease to top left corner, some mild marks to verso, telegram is well preserved with bright colours.

The telegram has a rich design by Rex Whistler. Agricultural tools and instruments are joined by two cornucopia, from which flow an abundance of fruit and flowers. A pink title cartouche heads the design and gilt and blue borders frame it. The telegram was used between June 29th and December 14th 1936. Laurence Whistler writes that 'The printed form conveys little of the delicacy of the original design' which was executed in sepia ink and water-colour. The handwritten message sends 'Congratulations' to Brennan from Bridget.   [Whistler & Fuller. The Work of Rex Whistler. No. 620]