The Rex Whistler Room

The Rex Whistler Room
The Rex Whistler RoomThe Rex Whistler RoomThe Rex Whistler Room

Rex Whistler.

London. Tate Gallery. [c.1954.] Concertina folding card pamphlet. 18 pages. Times newspaper clipping loosely inserted. Continuous colour reproduction of the original mural with text below; self-portrait of Whistler to the cover. 205 x 125mm (8 x 5"). 0.1kg. . English. Very good.

A fanciful written description to accompany Rex Whistler's mural sequence at the Tate Gallery Restaurant. The mural, titled "In Pursuit of Rare Meats", was completed by Whistler in 1927 after a year and a half of work. It features a dream-like, pastoral landscape through which travels a mis-matched hunting party. The story in this pamphlet, intended to elucidate the meaning of the images, is derived from a text created by Edith Olivier and published as 'In Pursuit of Rare Meats, being the story of the Rex Whistler Murals on the Tate Gallery Restaurant' in 1954. The presence of a black child captured by a maid and the child's mother climbing a tree are racially problematic, compounded by their placement within a restaurant. The future of the mural in it's current setting is unclear.

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