Edwin Koo.

TWENTYFIFTEEN. Singapore. 2015. First edition. Wrappers. 15 photographic images by Edwin Koo. English. 380 x 280mm. 0.4kg. . Fine; as new, in shrink-wrap.

'Transit is based on the intra-city railway system in Singapore, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Built in 1987, it is used by close to 2.8 million people daily.
From the introduction of the book, "The crowded trains presented an ever-changing theatre each time the doors opened and closed, revealing interesting protagonists, diverse lives and a myriad of emotions. The camera gave me a chance to see what my eye would have missed – a collective portrait of Singapore, always in transit."' (from the publisher's description).

Number 16 from a series of 20 portfolios published by TWENTYFIFTEEN, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence. 20 photographers were chosen to create 15 images each.

Price :  £25.00