57 Items
Remains of Elmet. A Pennine Sequence [Association Copy with Original Photograph]

Ted Hughes & Fay Godwin's landscape poems and images, with an original photograph by Godwin.

The Queen's People

Izis' rare photo book documenting London during the Queen's Coronation.

Erwin Olaf II

Aperture's second volume on the atmospheric work of Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

John Piper. A Painter's Camera. Buildings and Landscapes in Britain 1935-1985

A selection of John Piper's photographs.

Goodbye Baby & Amen. A Saraband for the Sixties

David Bailey's cult book on the Swinging Sixties.

A Maverick Eye. The Street Photography of John Deakin

A study of John Deakin's street photography.

Cowboy Kate & Other Stories

Sam Haskin's cult sixties photo book.

Brassai. The Secret Paris of the 30's

Brassai's photographs of the underworld of Paris night-life.

Joe's. First Issue

The first issue of the cult fashion magazine produced by stylist Joe McKenna.

Oxon. Shell Guide

A very well-preserved first edition copy of Oxon, written and illustrated by John Piper.

Hockney's Photographs

The catalogue for a exhibition of Hockney's photographs and photo-collages at the Hayward Gallery

Irving Penn Portraits

The catalogue for an exhibition of Irving Penn's portrait photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Tony Ray-Jones

An examination of the life and work of the British photographer Tony Ray-Jones.

David Bailey / Archive One 1957 - 1969

A generously illustrated survey of Bailey's work through the 50s and 60s.

Louise Bourgeois. Album

Louise Bourgeois' creation of a "family photo album", examining the influence of her childhood on her work.

Soiree Rose. A photograph album documenting a 1928 Parisian party hosted by Paul Dreyfus-Rose

A marvellous photographic souvenir record of a 1920s Parisian party.


Koo's fascinating photographs capturing the emotions of passengers of Singapore's packed commuter trains.